Warfarin home monitoring

Warfarin home monitoring is now being provided by the NHS in numerous locations across the UK. The service is available to patients in Wigan, Ilkley, Durham, Darlington, Hull, Berkshire, Manchester and on the Isle of Wight. If you are interested please contact us to register for the service or find out more.

The home monitoring service means patients on warfarin will no longer have to attend frequent and inconvenient clinic appointments. Instead they are able to self-test at home and relay their
readings back to their nurse via an automated telephone call or email.

This NICE approved, easy to use service works around the patient, meaning inconvenient clinic appointments will become a thing of the past.

Each patient is given a Roche CoaguChek device which they can take home with them. Using a lancet, the patient takes a blood sample, places it on a testing strip and inserts it into the device. The device will display the patient’s INR reading. The patient will receive either an automated telephone call or an email at a chosen time where readings are relayed to their nurse. The patient’s next warfarin dose is sent back to the patient via either an email or an automated call.

The service is simple to use, regardless of technical abilities or access to the internet.

Get in touch to register for the service or find out more.